7 Reasons You Should Never Work with Your Partner


If you have to work with your girlfriend with whom you have already been sharing one bedroom, or you are just on the verge of doing that, then look at several reasons why you should better avoid that.

1. You might air your dirty laundry in public.

How to work when she has already messed up all your nerves, spoiled the mood, had a tantrum for nothing, and now she is sitting here, irritating you? You continue to think about unspoken claims, after all, everybody knows that second thoughts are best. You just walk the halls that have turned into a warpath, and pick on each other, competing in wittiness. And your thoughts are occupied not by work, but by trying to figure out whether you still love this woman and how to reconcile, not looking weak.

2. You think she is cheating on you all the time.

You have thoughts like that all the time, “Why does she spend so much time in the boss’s office? She is already looking at the boss for the fifth time! There’s something wrong. She talks too much with Alfred! It is necessary to put an end to that.” Your irritation can be directed not only at your bride but also at your common colleagues.You will not be able to concentrate on work, and you will have all chances to quarrel with other people.

3. You want to have sex everywhere.

How can you concentrate on work when the “most beautiful woman” is sitting in front of you? The only thing you can do now is to close an open document and make extreme love with her somewhere in the storeroom. You can have problems due to that because you haven’t executed the plan and broken a new coffee machine.

4. You think she interferes with your career.

Your woman may be as ambitious as you are. When you look at her you may think the following, “I must become a Deputy Director! I’m better than her. She has already had a good position, just for a woman. She does not know how to lead.” You can be jealous of her if she climbs the corporate ladder faster than you. Especially at the moment when you directly compete with each other for a project. In general, everything is not so bad, but all colleagues gossip that she is smarter.

5. You think she spies on you.

You come out to smoke alone, but your girlfriend is already there to remind you that you have given up smoking. Some other day, you are talking with a chic colleague who has amazing bosom and looks like an angel, and your girlfriend appears at the most crucial moment and starts hugging you in every possible way because she wants to show whose property you are. This happens all the time. She  knows everything about you, about every step you take, and she is not tired of being jealous of every girl in your office. Even a little time apart is the wind for a relationship fire.

6. You are the subject of gossip.

Your co-workers, starting from a cleaner and to the boss, will know the latest gossip about you. For example, someone can hear your conversation with the girlfriend that you are getting tired at work and don’t have the energy for anything else. And this person will notify all other people that you do not have a sexual life and, in general, you are impotent while you could have just meant that you don’t have time for shopping. However, nobody cares. You will always be discussed and passed through filters of their own guesses and fantasies.

7. You don’t want to go home.

At home, there’s nothing to talk about. Everything is wrong. Especially if you are the boss, and you have given her such a task that has caused discontent and resentment. The work adds claims and disputes. You just don’t want to see each other. After work, you want to be distracted, hugging a beloved person who isn’t associated with hateful work.



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