At 8, while others wanted to be a super hero, he wanted to be a PIMP.

According to CNN report, Gustavo (Name changed) a Mexican citizen has plans to become a PIMP at the age of 8.

Having seen poverty early in his childhood, he decided to fulfill his ambitions this way.

“I would hang out with them,” he says. “They were all pimps. I would play soccer with them. I would see their late model cars, houses, money and women, lots of women.”

He went on to migrate to United States illegally. Between 2002 and 2009 he spoiled lives of many girls. It all stopped when Mexican police caught him in a brothel in Mexico City.  He is now serving 10 years imprisonment.

One of her victim had come to prison, when they met “There was no greeting. The initial silence was broken with a question: “Why did you do it?” his victim asked. The answer: “I was blinded by my ambition because I wanted to have power, no matter the means or how, no matter the harm I was causing you or other people.”

You can read full article and interview with victim at CNN here.



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