Things not to do on First Date – Men and Women

Things not to do on First Date

First Dates are really special as it marks the start of a relationship. Girls and guys both try to look their best and also present themselves in a confident manner and try to create the best of impression. But, things don’t always turn out the way as wanted. Sometimes, things turn out in the wrong way. There are certain points that have to be kept in mind when going out on first dates both for men and women. Certain things not to do on first dates are listed as under:

Things not to do on First Date –  MEN:


First dates can be scary.  No one really knows to behave on first dates. When going on dates, women mostly prefer guys who have a personality and know how to approach. Certain things that men should not do on their first dates:


Don’t try to get her drunk


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Women don’t like it when men offer them drinks on their first dates. Women somehow feel that guys are being rude to them when they offer drinks. This is the only reason why men should not try to offer any sort of drinks to women and should try to be polite as much as they can on their first dates.


Don’t keep looking at the phone for a long time


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Girls are mostly attention seeker because of which they don’t like if guys keep using their phones more than talking to the girls. Guys should try to use minimize phone usage when on dates and concentrate more on the girl and what they are trying to say.


Do not even try to talk about yourself all the time



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Women hate that kind of men who also boast about what they have and talk about themselves all the time. Women like it when guys pay more attention to what they are saying. Guys should be cautious about what they are speaking and should know when to stop talking too much about themselves.


Don’t try to flirt with any other women


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First dates are important and both men and women should try to devote equal time to each other. But if men keep on staring at other women even on first dates then this may not be liked by the girl he is on a date with and this might also result in breakups. Men should know to keep a balance and then act accordingly.

Don’t get to intense about the women


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Women want their first dates to be casual and not too intense. If men start thinking of their future life together, this can really scare women and she might not think to proceed any further. Try to be calm and composed on your first date and give the best impression that you can.


Things not to do on First Date  –  WOMEN:


Same goes for women. They should also try to maintain a decorum of their first dates and should not certain things which are listed as under:

Should not demand a five star hotel for dates


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Guys want women to go for the venue that they have chosen for their first date. But, if women insist too much on five star hotels, this might disappoint the guy and this will eventually not lead to anything. Girls should be as simple as they can be.

Should not dress up too much


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Guys like it when women are themselves on their first dates and dress up casually. If women dress up more appropriately this proves that she is there to impress the guy and this might not work on all men.

Should not bring out the topic of her ex


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No one likes to talk about past and first dates are symbols of something new that might happen. In that case if girls bring out the topic of her ex on their first dates, this is a huge turnout and men won’t like it at all. Women should know talk about themselves more and should not compare the guy with her ex.


Don’t bring up the topic of kids and marriage


Image from naijanewsrave
Image from naijanewsrave

Never bring out the topic of marriage and kids on first dates. This can scare the guy a hell lot and he will try to back out and will not plan about any further relationship.


Don’t ask about salary


Image from fabulouslybroke
Image from fabulouslybroke

Women should not ask about guy’s salary in any case. This would make the guy feel that the girl is only after his money. How much he earns is completely his business.

Both men and women should keep these things in mind before going out on first dates so that they don’t ruin their dates and can think of something more than in their lives.

Do Let us know in comments section below, if you think there are other things to avoid on first date.

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