Things you need to know about Virat Kohli!

know about Virat Kohli

The Indian Cricket team is incomplete without Virat Kohli. He is the heart and soul of the Indian Team. He has a great passion towards cricket and he is undoubtedly the best batsman that the world got. Virat Kohli is loved by all his team mates and all of his friends. He has a charming personality which can attract any person towards him. He is a gem of a person and is a diamond for the Indian team. His skill, determination and focus has led him to win many of the matches. There are certain interesting facts to know about Virat Kohli which are not known to many. Some of the amazing facts about Kohli are listed as under:
1. Virat Kohli is the name that the world knows him with. But , in reality all his friends and team mates call him “Chikku” as that is his nick name. Virat likes his name and is famous among his friends with that name only.


Know about Virat Kohli
2. Virat Kohli was the first ever cricketer who was given the title of ICC ODI Cricketer of the year in 2012 because of his outstanding  game and attitude. He was only of 23 years when he was given the title. He is the youngest player to have received the title of Cricketer of the year.


know about virat kohli


3. Kohli had a huge crush on Karishma Kapoor and he always kept a record of every film that she has done. There is not even one film of hers that he has not watched. He was a huge fan of Karishma Kapoor.


know about Virat kohli


4. Virat Kohli has a great sense of dressing and he knows how to carry himself out in the public. Because of this reason he was given the tag of ” Well Dressed International Men” and he won the top 10 tag. Girls have a crush on Virat because of his style and personality.


know about Virat kohli
5. Virat is a lover of tattoos. Not every cricketer has a tattoo. He is one of the few cricketers to have so. Virat has a Golden Dragon on his arm and he has made it as he finds it to be his lucky charm.


know about Virat kohli
6. Kohli is regarded as the fastest cricketer as he has record to hit 20 ODI Centuries. He needed only 133 innings to gain a score as that. He is also regarded as the fastest cricketer as he got 15 ODI Centuries.


know about Virat kohli
Image from ESPN cricinfo


7. No Indian had scored a 100 in World Cup Debut. Virat Kohli broke the record by being the first cricketer who was able to score a century on World Cup Debut in the 2011 World Cup. And during that year, India was declared as the champions.


know about virat kohli
8. Virat Kohli is an international brand and is ranked fourth and is just behind Shah Rukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor and MS Dhoni. He has done many advertisements till date and is renowned all over also because of his TV commercials.


know about virat kohli


9. In 2006, during his debut Ranji season, Kohli decided to play the match against Karnataka despite his father’s death the same day. Kohli went on to score a crucial 90 for his team.


know about virat kohli


Virat Kohli is incomparable and he is just the best! Without him, Indian team would not be the same!know about Virat Kohli

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