8 Type of Indian girls who should be avoided for dating.

Type of Indian girls who should be avoided for dating

Dates are really special in everyone’s lives. When going for dates, you get a chance to know the other person and develop close companionship with them. Dates provide the opportunity to start new relationships and have happy lives. But, it is important to see who you are going out on dates with. In case of boys, it matters what type of girl they are going out with. It depends on the conversation that they will have on their dates that will decide their future steps. There are some girls who don’t have the art to create a conversation and they can turn out to be boring by the end of the date. Some girls should be avoided as they can spoil the entire date plan. Some types of such girls are listed as under:


  • The Attention Seeker:

There is one category of girls who loves seeking attention. They just think about themselves and try out ways by which they can catch attention of everyone near them. In order to seek attention, they talk loud and tell certain stories which can be unbelievable at times. These kinds of girls can make a date really boring as they will only talk about themselves and won’t give enough space to the guy to tell his part.

  • Mother Goose:

There is the other category who behaves in a motherly way. She would try to fix your hair and also tug your shirt in and tell you to behave in a proper way every time. She might be good but chances are that she might not like what you wear and what you say and this can drive you crazy on a date.

  • The nagging girl:

This kind of a girl can be an irritation at times. She just wants to be with you and would not allow you to go out with your friends. She will basically want you to herself only and you might lose your independent life by being with her. Every person needs some space in a relationship but the nagging girl doesn’t understand the concept of space.

  • The Chatter box:

She can speak constantly without giving you time to say even a word. She can speak about any topic that comes to her mind. The worst part of this kind of girl is that she even has the capability to talk about herself the whole day. She can drive you crazy by talking about stuffs in which you are not even interested.

  • The Princess:

She is one type with whom you can’t stay for long. She only wants you to care for her and she pretends as if you don’t have a life of your own. You have to treat her like a princess. She has an expensive taste and you are expected to fulfill all her wishes. She likes branded things and would even prefer you wearing branded clothes even if you don’t like it. This can make you mad which will ultimately lead to a breakup.

  • The arguing one:

She is the kind of girl who can argue about everything and nothing. She can create problems in a relationship herself by constantly arguing with you. She doesn’t like anything that you do and will try to improve you even if you are good enough. She just has a logic that arguing can improve a relation and she will eat up your whole head. You can’t continue a relationship when there is so much tension between you and your girlfriend. She also can make you feel guilty for mistakes that you did not even commit.

  • The Insecure girl:

She is insecure about your relationship and doesn’t like you talking to other girls. This kind of girl is insecure about her and always wants compliments from you. She doesn’t feel that she is good enough for you because of whom she doesn’t appreciate you talking to other girls or giving them attention. She can be a dangerous girl to date as she complicates situation all by herself.

  • The cheater:

This kind of girl should be stayed away from. She can cheat on you with some other guy and you will not even come to know of her other relation. She should be quickly ridden away because she can take you peace of mind away.



These girls are not all bad, but they have certain qualities in them that are not liked by most men. If you want a happy relation, you should try to avoid these categories of girls!



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