Google will not work if it rains… Funny as hell



Bad news guys, Google is not gonna work in storm and rains. In fact cloud computing itself will not work. These are the deadliest Revelation made by Indian politician.

Caution – You might just die laughing
Highlights of the video (Vishwa Bandhu Gupta on Cloud Computing)
  • In America, rooms after secret meetings are kept closed for 1 hour. Because every word that is spoken, stays in air for 1 hour and anyone can come and record that.
  • Americans destroy their phone battery after use. you Know why? Because after a while data from SIM card gets transferred to battery (yes, battery).
  • Google’s software is in cloud. There is no google CD with us. Google’s software is CDed(seeding) to clould. It has not yet been tested what will happen if there is no could or in case of storm.


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