Poll : Who will be the winner of Bigg Boss 11?

Thanks a lot Guys!! Each and Every, I repeat EACH AND EVERY eviction on bigg boss 9 and 10 was according to your votes at www.tharkimind.com. We had the most accurate poll last season. Looking to do the same this year.

Hey Big boss 11 fans, choose your winner of bigg boss 11.

Vote for your Favorited bigg boss 10 contestant whom you think will win the show. Show your support for your favorite contestant. This will give us an idea on who will be the winner of bigg boss 11.

Winner of bigg boss 11?

We will keep removing contestants who are eliminated from the show to have latest figures. Since people’s liking/disliking keeps getting changed as the show progress, you have an option to change your vote anytime till Bigg boss 11 finale. But you can only cast one vote. Don’t forget to comment below about your favorite contestant. Keep watching Bigg Boss 11.

Will it be Shilpa or Hina or may be someone else will gain popularity towards the end of the show. To know that keep watching Bigg Boss 11 episodes here

“Bigg Boss logo for the 10th Indian series”. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Bigg_Boss_eye_logo_for_the_9th_Indian_series.jpg#/media/File:Bigg_Boss_eye_logo_for_the_9th_Indian_series.jpg

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You can only vote once from your id, to gather more votes for your favorite contestant, request you friends on Facebook and twitter to vote here. Voting to save contestant from elimination is to be done at color’s website.



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