Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.

Valentine’s around the corner and we are here to help you decide the perfect gift for your valentine! Although roses are the best substitute but when combined with the range mentioned in this blog, we assure you it would add wonders to your valentine date night. The below gift guide is not just a random set of options rather a handful of gifts curated especially for your girl as per her personality/traits. It would also test how well you know her 😉 Gear yourself and surprise her!

The Social Butterfly

Your girl is an extrovert who revels in the spotlight! They love interacting with people and eventually become the loved one. It is ideal to gift apparel or beauty accessory or fragrances for her. Vouchers of Spas and salon also work best.

The Timid and Shy

Your girl would appreciate the smallest of small things and are considered to be the best of best friends. In-fact you have thought something for her would matter the most than the actual gift. Simplicity or handmade stuff is the best choice here. A Love pillow, handmade card, movie tickets for 2, box of chocolates, a personalized gift are the best choices!

The Adventurous

 Your girl is a tom boy who would love to get her hands dirty if required. Someone who is crazy about travel or trying things out of the box and takes challenges head on. You may gift her watches, sports shoes, travel backpacks, travel vouchers, boyfriend jeans or a bottle of wine!

The Nerdy & Ambitious

Your girl is different as she is a genius in herself. To her the surroundings doesn’t matter as her career and future takes priority and is always found in middle of books or gadgets. Would be great to gift her some books, latest gadgets, Iphone or any latest android mobile, Coffee maker or a collection of Teas, classy laptop bag.



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